NHL All-Star Game 2018

NHL All-Star Game 2018 Live Stream Online,The NHL may not be sending players to the 2018 Winter Olympics, but that means the league’s best will be heading to the All-Star Game for one of the looser, more fun events on the hockey calendar every year.

NHL All-Star Game 2018 Live

Saturday, January 27: NHL All-Star Skills Competition — 7:30 pm (EST), NBCSN
Sunday, January 28: NHL All-Star Game — 3:30 p.m. (EST), NBC

There will be a lot of star power on hand for the 2018 NHL All-Star Game this weekend. Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Alex Ovechkin, Erik Karlsson, Henrik Lundqvist … if your favorite superstar is having a good season, they’re probably going to be in Tampa for the next few days.

But given the nature of the All-Star Game, a low-stakes midseason event that requires a participant from each team, there are always some unexpected names that sneak onto the rosters.

That’s part of the fun of the weekend: It’s not just a chance for the biggest names in hockey to have some fun, but for some less heralded players to receive their due amid breakout seasons. A year or two ago, nobody would’ve expected guys like Josh Bailey and Connor Hellebuyck to be NHL All-Stars in 2018. They’ve earned those honors, though.

It’s also a chance for a guy like John Scott to have the experience of his life. Most of the hockey world is surely familiar with what happened by now — an online campaign to get Scott voted into the 2016 All-Star Game miraculously worked — but it’s still remarkable to see his name listed on the same roster as a bunch of all-time greats.

Nobody can match Scott’s remarkable tale, which is being made into a movie and forced the NHL to change its ASG voting rules, but there have still been a number of NHL All-Stars over the last 10 years who might surprise you. This year, Brian Boyle is writing his own amazing story that includes an All-Star appearance.

The All-Star Game is mainly for, well, stars, but sometimes other guys manage to get their moment in the limelight. Here’s a look at the players most likely to make you think, “Wait, that guy was an All-Star?!” from the past 10 years.